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I would like to publish additional profile information and photos of the many contributors and contacts that have been made through the use of this website. Please send contributions to me whenever possible and I will post the information to this page. I am just beginning this effort and haven't quite decided on how to lay it out yet, but we'll see how it goes as I receive the information and photos from you all.

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Pete Polesel - USA

Pete Polesel - Illinois, USA

About Me...

Born: 3/6/1962 - USA
Marital Status: Single, no kids
Employer: Electric Utility - Chicago
Profession: Information Technology Manager
Education: BS (Computer Science)-University of Illinois-1984
Interests: Computers and Internet, Snow Skiing, Biking,
Baseball, Home Remodeling, Classic Cars
Location: Rockdale, IL - USA
Address: 711 Morris St. / Rockdale, IL - USA / 60436-2459
Telephone: USA - 815-725-5871

Pete Polesel Family - USA

My Family...

Jean(Mother), Peter(Father), Marlene(Sister)
Nancy(Sister), Peter(Me)

More info and pictures to come...  

Marco Polesel - Caracas, Venezuela

Amalia and Eddo Polesel...

Location: Caracas, Venezuela

Amalia Polesel Family - Caracas, Venezuela


Tiziana, Barbara, Marco
Eddo, Amalia

Amalia Polesel Family - Caracas, Venezuela

Extended Family...

Claudinei Pollesel - So Paulo, Brazil

Claudinei Pollesel - Brazil

Claudinei Pollesel...

Location: Brazil



Nahuel Tomas Polesel - Argentina

Nahuel Tomas Polesel Family - Argentina

Nahuel Tomas Polesel...

Location: Argentina



John Pollesel - Peru

John Pollesel - Peru

John Pollesel...

Location: Lima, Peru (Originally Canada)



Riccardo and Emma Pollesel - Italy

Riccardo Pollesel

Riccardo's Wife - Emma Fresch

Riccardo's Daughter Vincenzina @ 14yrs

Riccardo's Family

From: augusta bidoia
Sent: Friday, May 04, 2007 9:56 AM
First picture is my grandfather Riccardo, his wife Emma. In the middle my mother Vincenzina, first row on the right Tranquillo, on the left Arcangelo, in the back from the left Luigia, Luigi, Mario e Giuseppina.

... map of the Polesel in Italy. The places where they lived are in the rectangles. They say they moved little and the area was Mansu-Bibano and Francenigo. Ciao again Augusta

Riccardo's Son's and Family's

  • Mario Polesel with his wife Anna Nardin and children: Mirella, Marcellina and Renzo

  • Luigi Polesel with his wife Ester Carnelos and children: Marisa, Aldo, Paola, Diego and Maria.

  • Arcangelo Polesel with his wife Serafina Modanese and children: Franco, Gabriella and Valerio.

From: augusta bidoia [augusta . bidoia @ tele2 . it]
Sent: Saturday, June 02, 2007 9:13 AM
Subject: Riccardo's family photos  

I'm sending you these photos of Riccardo and Emma and children in case you want to add them to the site.  Thank you to your work and that of the other Polesels now I'm corresponding with a lot of my relatives that live in Toronto. We use  If you want to link with us, you can register and you'll find me writing my surname Bidoia. I'm Vincenzina's daughter, the little one in the photo sat in the front between her parents Riccardo and Emma.  I live in Oderzo not far from Basalghelle, Mansue' and I teach English.

Ciao - Augusta

Sent: Saturday, June 02, 2007 8:57 AM
Dear Pete,
this is a photo of Riccardo Pollesel's family: the three sons with wives and children that moved to Toronto in the fifties.
Mario Polesel with his wife Anna Nardin and children: Mirella, Marcellina and Renzo
Luigi Polesel with his wife Ester Carnelos and children: Marisa, Aldo, Paola, Diego and Maria.
Arcangelo Polesel with his wife Serafina Modanese and children: Franco, Gabriella and Valerio.

As I already wrote to you my grandfather, Riccardo was not adopted, as it is written in the family tree. I asked the Town Hall of Mansue' and his birth certificate was checked. Can you please correct it?
Thank you very much

Note from Pete: Riccardo's tree information is found on Renzo's website at 


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Abe Polesel USA Rockdale, Illinois 709 Morris St.
Rockdale, IL - USA
{private} email
Amalia Polesel   VENEZUELA Caracas {private} {unknown} email
Angelo Joseph Polesel Jr USA Bowie, Maryland {unknown} {unknown} guest
Antonella Polesel ITALY Pordenone {private} {unknown} guest
Augusta (Polesel) Bidoia ITALY Oderzo {unknown} {unknown} email
Elise Polesel BRAZIL So Paulo {unknown} {unknown} guest
Fabio Polesel {private} {private} {private} {private} {private} mail list signup
Frederico Polesel ARGENTINA {unknown} {unknown} {unknown} email
George Hamilton Buzzi Polesel BRAZIL {unknown} {unknown} {unknown} guest
Germn Rodrigo Polesel ARGENTINA Beunos Aires {unknown} {unknown} guest
Gianni Polesel ITALY {unknown} {unknown} {unknown} guest
Ida Polesel {unknown} USA Beech Grove, Indiana {private} {unknown} referral
Jackie (Polesel) O'Connor USA Joliet, Illinois 1616 Richmond #302
Joliet, IL - USA
{private} email
Jean Marc Polesel
FRANCE Auriol le plan des moines
auriol  13390
{unknown} guest
Jerry Polesel ITALY {unknown} {unknown} {unknown} guest
Kelly (Polesel) Helm USA Indianapolis, Indiana I'm a Polesel, my great grandmother was Ida Polesel from Beech Grove Indiana. I'm the daughter of Larry and Sharyn Polesel. I currently live in Indianapolis, Indiana withmy husband Scott and my son Nathan (3 years old). {unknown} email
John Polesel AUSTRALIA Melbourne (Dr) John Polesel
Senior Research Fellow
Centre for Post-Compulsory Education and Training
The University of Melbourne
Parkville VIC 3010
{private} guest
Marco Polesel VENEZUELA Caracas {unknown} {58-212-442-39-56} email
Mary Polesel ITALY {unknown} {unknown} {unknown} email
Mario Gabriel Ibarra Polesel ARGENTINA Corrientes {unknown} {unknown} email
Nahuel Tomas Polesel ARGENTINA {unknown} {unknown} {unknown} guest
Odair Polesel BRAZIL Curitiba {unknown} {unknown} email
Pablo Polesel ARGENTINA {unknown} {unknown} {unknown} guest
Pedro Polesel BRAZIL So Paulo {unknown} {unknown} referral
Pete Polesel USA Rockdale, Illinois 711 Morris St.
Rockdale, IL - USA
USA, 815-725-5871 web
Renzo Polesel ITALY {unknown} {unknown} {unknown} email
Richard Polesel CANADA Toronto {unknown} {unknown} email
Roberto Polesel ITALY Mareno di Piave, Treviso {unknown} {unknown} email
Roberto Polesel
ITALY Pordenone via oslavia 44
pordenone, Italy  33170
{private} guest
Roberto Polesel ITALY Venice {unknown} {unknown} guest
Sonia e Giovanni Polesel ITALY Treviso {unknown} {unknown} guest
Valrie Iti-Polese
Jean Polesel
FRANCE Toulouse My name is Valrie, Im 32 and I live in Toulouse, South Ouest of France. Im here tonight my with father Jean, 54. My Grand Mother was named Maria Polesel and married Giovanni Polese. She was born and lived in Fontanelle provincia di Triviso until 1946 when they came in France with their four children. My father, the fifth one, was born in France in 1950. Today, we are 10 grandchildren Polesel/Polese and 12 Grand-grand Children linving all accross Europe and 1 in the USA. Maria was born in July 1908 in Fontanelle and she had 9 brothers and sisters. {unknown} guest
Vic Alexander Polesel USA Montgomery, New York {unknown} {unknown} guest
Daniel Polizel BRAZIL   {unknown} {unknown} email
Eduardo Polezel BRAZIL Recife-State of Pernambuco {unknown} {unknown} email
Attala Imeldina (Dina) Pollesel CANADA Sudbury, Ontario {unknown} {unknown} email
Claudinei Pollesel BRAZIL So Paulo {private} {unknown} guest
Francis Pollesel FRANCE Villeneuve Tolosane {unknown} {unknown} email
John Pollesel PERU (CANADA) Lima, Peru {unknown} {unknown} email
Michael Pollesel CANADA Toronto, Ontario 39 Bellamy Road South
Toronto, Ontario
Canada   M1M 3P3
{private} guest
Rachael Pollesel {unknown} CANADA Toronto {unknown} {unknown} guest
Peter Polesello CANADA Calgary {unknown} {unknown} email
Silvia Polisel BRAZIL Pordenone {unknown} {unknown} email
Andrea Polizel BRAZIL Curitiba, Paran {unknown} {unknown} email
{unknown} BRAZIL So Paulo {unknown} {unknown} referral
{unknown} BRAZIL {unknown} {unknown} {unknown} referral
{unknown} BRAZIL {unknown} {unknown} {unknown} referral
{unknown} BRAZIL {unknown} {unknown} {unknown} referral
{unknown} BRAZIL {unknown} {unknown} {unknown} referral
{unknown} BRAZIL {unknown} {unknown} {unknown} referral
{unknown} BRAZIL {unknown} {unknown} {unknown} referral
Sylvia ITALY {unknown} {unknown} {unknown} email
Sonya Basegio USA Redwood City, California {unknown} {unknown} guest
Olga and Lawrence Cignetti USA Redwood City, California {unknown} {unknown} email
Graziela Estevam BRAZIL {unknown} {unknown} {unknown} email
John Myers USA {unknown} {unknown} {unknown} mail list signup



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