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The following Family Tree information has been received from several sources and is separated into their respective tree information. Once a tie between sources is identified, I will merge them together to create a larger Polesel Tree. Please let me know if any information is incorrect or if you can complete missing information.

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There are three links associated with each Tree shown below.
The first link is an Acrobat version of the Decendent Tree Report. This is in a report format with Name, Birth Year & Location, Death Year & Location, Emigration Year & Location,
The second link is an Acrobat version of the Decendent Tree Map.
The third link is an Online version of the Tree Information.


Tree Info
Decendent Tree Report

Decendent Tree Map
Online Tree
Tree 1 - Contact:
Source1: Pete Polesel, Rockdale, Illinois - USA (See Profile)
Source2: Roberto Polesel, Mareno di Piave, Treviso - ITALY
Posted: September 8, 2000, Last Updated: October 2, 2000
polesel1o.pdf polesel1t.pdf tree1
Tree 2 - Contact Marcos:
Source: Amilio Polesel, Caracas - VENEZUELA (See Profile)
Posted: September 8, 2000, Last Updated: October 2, 2000
polesel2o.pdf polesel2t.pdf tree2
Tree 3 - Contact:
Source: Frederico Polesel, - ARGENTINA
Posted: September 8, 2000
polesel3o.pdf polesel3t.pdf tree3
Tree 4 - Contact:
Source: Jean Marc Polesel, - FRANCE
Posted: September 8, 2000
polesel4o.pdf polesel4t.pdf tree4
Tree 5 - Contact:
Source: Dr. John Polesel, Melbourne - AUSTRALIA
Posted: October 1, 2000
polesel5o.pdf polesel5t.pdf tree5
Tree 6 - Contact:
Source: Claudinei Pollesel, Sào Paulo - BRAZIL
Posted: October 2, 2000
polesel6o.pdf polesel6t.pdf tree6
Tree 7 - Contact:
Source: Andréa Polizel, Paraná - BRAZIL
Posted: December 27, 2000
polesel7o.pdf polesel7t.pdf tree7
Tree 8 - Contact:
Source: Michele Frank Pollesel, Ontario - CANADA
Posted: December 27, 2000
polesel8o.pdf polesel8t.pdf tree8
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Created : September - 2000
Updated: Monday, February 05, 2007